AEROTAIN fascinates spectators at live events with monetizable entertainment in the third dimension.

For Audiences:

Fun and interactive flying objects stream aerial video live to projectors. Experience a bird’s-eye perspective of the event and spot yourself in the video! Built-in lights add another fascination on top of the magical free flight (full 6D motion)!

For Organizers:

Discover entirely new ways to connect with your audience! Interactive entertainment pulls people to your event, increasing social media impact by up to 500% and makes the audience spend more at the venue.

For Sponsors:

AEROTAIN offers to leverage sponsoring packages by boosting brand awareness and recall at live events. We bring your design airborne (any shape possible with full 360° color print) and allow you to connect to your audience!

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Not only can we customize our spheres to the customers needs with 360° prints, we can virtually bring any object in the air, resulting in very effective* marketing.
*We could measure an increase in social media activity of up to 500% as well as tremendous recall.


Be it for corporate events, conferences or concerts. With our fleet of innovative flying objects we add interaction and entertainment from the third dimension to the event.


When there is no game going on, AEROTAIN entertains the crowd with live video interaction, for instance a flying Kiss-Cam. Besides pulling people to the event, sponsor’s logos can be placed on both video content and the hull, allowing to leverage sponsorship packages or creating new revenue streams.


Wherever there is a video production going on, AEROTAIN allows to get a bird’s-eye view in a safe way. Flight times of multiple hours and live Full HD stream also allow for live productions.